Peter Pepper Performs Live at Dragon*Con

Peter Pepper Performs Live at Dragon*Con

These ultra-animated, adventure-punks known as Peter Pepper rose from the ashes of singer/songwriter Peter Pepper’s electro-punk project Retard-O-Bot; who you’ve probably seen running with the likes of Combichrist, Creature Feature, Mindless Self Indulgence, and Foxy Shazam.

Peter’s talent as a visual artist, musician, performer and his active passion towards his fans have easily made him an artist of note.

Now with his band of action-packed adventure pals, Peter Pepper is giving voice to the lost, anxious, and overwhelmed generations of people who have become victim of the great whatever.

Now hold on tight as the new excitement is cranked up! The Whatever EP is now streaming for free at

Are you prepared? Can you keep up? What is next for our favorite adventure-punk?

Find out this and more as the action continues with Peter Pepper at Dragon*Con 2012!

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