Rantings of an Adventure-Punk

Rantings of an Adventure-Punk

Turn up the volume with your middle finger till the walls collapse. This is the Adventure Punk movement.

I had a dream we got everything we could have ever wanted, and were bored as shit with it, but still didn’t quit.

Not knowing the answer doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and not knowing how to find it doesn’t mean its impossible.

And just because we don’t know what it is that we want, doesn’t mean it can’t be ours. Sitting on your ass will get you nothing but fucked!

Fuck the rules, we’re making our own just so we can break those too. We’ve been squeezed into neat genres and sociological filing cabinets, cubical and classrooms but it hasn’t broken our will. There is a void that will be filled.

We don’t know why we’re here but we want everything and nothing at the same time. We’ll start with the former then take the later just to see how it feels. Give me experience or give me death.

What is existence without experience? What is experience without feeling? A boring, fucking waste! That’s what!

Seizing the moment adventure-punks! We are the mass-mind of the now!

Our parent’s generation would never believe the shit we’ve seen and we’re going to out live them by 100 years.

Overstimulation is our way of life. Excess is the standard!

The here and now is here and ours.

Adventure punks unite!

-Peter Pepper

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